It’s just my day

I am feeling sad, sad, sad

Plus a little mad, mad, mad

Just don’t know where to start, start, start

A deep scratch in the scar, scar, scar.

People around are quiet

Seems like they all are tired

The blue sky that’s not so bright

Today’s too hard to describe.

Doing my own boring things

People writing, read and drink

I’m looking out [of] the window

Beautiful view, no shadow.

Seeking ways to sooth myself

From the sadness, stressed like hell

Able to find somethin’ that work

But I haven’t use a word.

I am sitting here tonight

Turned off the light, I’m out of sight

Still, my day hasn’t been that good

Hope tomorrow wouldn’t be a hood.


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  1. blog0rama at |

    That really fits my mood sometimes, too.


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