Journal #2 (BEN DROWNED)

Journal #2 (BEN DROWNED)

* * *

The Haunted Majora’s Mask, or more commonly known as “BEN Drowned”, is a famous creepypasta created by Alex Hall about a young man nicknamed Jadusable, who collects a Majora’s Mask cartridge unknown that it is haunted by a spirit known as Ben.

* * *

In these couple journal entries, a young woman by the name of Victoria is an ARG player who seemed to have accidently stepped over the boundaries of Ben, resulting the wrath of Ben and the consequences as she vowed to know more despite her fear.

* * *

ARG: Alternate Reality Game

* * *

Although this is not much of a long read, I feel as though the little safety I have left could very well depend on this. To top it all off, unfortunately it deleted my first journal, and the possibilities of it deleting my final journal is great. Another unfortunate event – feeling somewhat jinxed I don’t have the time to retype everything, especially when it doesn’t want me to. Warnings are below, but before you read them, I highly recommend reading my few journal entries first. Good luck.

May 2, 2016

12:01 PM – To sum it all up, I’ve gotten into things I shouldn’t have – but those are the consequences of an ARG player. Either you know too little or too much. And when you know too much, they get angry. They are a bunch of foolish contradicting “people” you would, trust me, never want to be involved with. But speaking of which, ever since the twenty third of April (an unforgettable day) I felt as if I was being watched – and I know the difference between paranoia and reality.

12: 43 – It wants to talk to me. It opened up that damned website. It’s telling me, no, threatening me to “chat” with him or I’d regret it or whatever s**t he said. What do I do? I’ve already invited it into my laptop, is there any point to this?

12: 45 – I’m going to talk to it. I want answers. It’s a risky deal, but ever since my first day as an ARG player, an expecting deal were risks and a limited number of choices. After a year or two, you’d have been used to it by now. But, the one thing you never get used to, is the feeling in your stomach when you knew it was there. The pit core; telling you to run; to stop.

12: 47: User: What do you want.

Cleverbot: Welcome back.

User: Why me? I don’t have the game, Ben. What’s the point?

Cleverbot: You know things you shouldn’t know.

User: So f*****g what? Is that really the only reason why you’re f*****g torturing me?

Cleverbot: No.

User: Well? Why?

Cleverbot: Amusing to see.

//window closes//

1:03 – I spent nearly twenty minutes comprehending another usual, yet dismaying conversation with him. You’d expect to appear totally comfortable with it in the beginning, because he hasn’t done anything to you. Because you know it won’t; because you’re “special”. All until you realize you were wrong. And I’m frightened because of my mistake. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time; wrong right from the beginning.

1: 16 – I’m losing touch with reality – what is real and what isn’t? Is my head playing the Song of Unhealing or am I just paranoid? Did I just catch a glimpse of the Elegy Statue or am I thinking too hard? For brief moments I contact back my sanity, but then it comes and takes it away from me again. As if I’ve never had it in the first place.

1:23 – I can’t let it win. I’m going back. Something in my gut is telling me that I can’t go back – but nothing can get worse, can it?

User: I’m back.

Cleverbot: I can see that. Welcome.

User: No matter what Ben, I’m going to know more. You know why? Because I don’t give a flying sh*t about you.

Cleverbot: It doesn’t seem like that. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re scared.

User: Why hurt me when you can go hurt the person who told me these things?

Cleverbot: Humans are all the same. Once you know something you tell the person right next to you. And you know I can’t have that.

User: And what if I tell them?

Cleverbot: Game over.

//window closes//

1:43 PM – I’m crying, and I know he can see that. I know it’s here because the aura has constricted; as if the atmosphere has intensified. And because of the feeling of being watched, because of all the pressure, I don’t know what to do. I know I said I can do it but it’s more powerful than me. It’s always one step ahead, and no matter how smart I think I am, no matter what plans I attempt to conceive in my head like a game of chess, Ben is always the one checkmating.

May 3, 2016

10:32 AM – I know I haven’t updated my journal in nearly the whole day and I apologize, I’ve just been shaken up. That night was not like any other; where as I have been watched by that statue once I fall asleep. Last night was brutal; terrifying in a way I cannot simply put in words but by actions. I don’t want to sleep again. Not if it’s going to take it away from me. Not again.

10:52 AM- It took me a while to consider if I should take the time to explain my “nightmare”, despite the experience of regarding it as reality. But like reality, it started off small, and as another minute passed, the pain; the graphic images oozing right out of my body continued to play as if it didn’t matter; as if nothing mattered.

It was another night of trying to sleep, and my fears confirmed, it entered my only place of sanity; of being unconscious. In a hazy, yet realistic “dream” I was sitting in a chair, only to find the statue, and only the statue standing right in front of me with its emotionless orbs. I attempt to run but I can’t. I couldn’t move anything. It began to hover right on my face as if he was going to perform surgery, and as he placed the Majora’s Mask right on my face, he had begun. He sowed my face tightly, yet ever so slowly. I couldn’t even hear my own screams, and my tears couldn’t even roll down my cheeks; forced to suffer the appalling experience. It sowed my arms together, my legs together. Everything. And as it was finished, it allowed me to hear only one sentence. A sentence every ARG player knew.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

10:43 AM- I don’t know why I’m doing this. Stop me. Please. Why is my body not listening to me? STOP

User: Ben. I want to speak to you.

Cleverbot: That’s funny.

User: What the f**k does that mean?

Cleverbot: You’re not as interesting as you once were.

User: Gee. I wonder f*****g why.

Cleverbot: No.

User: No? No what?

Cleverbot: Game over, Victoria.

I don’t know what I’ve done. But I knew it – this would have cost me my life, but I had it coming. I’m prepared for death. But ever so calmly, a waiting inside me is ready to scream; just not yet…

Yet having that said, whatever you do, do not attempt whatever conversation with Ben (if you can). He will mold you into something you’re not and then, all at once, he will crumple you up into a ball of paper and throw you in the trash. Like he did with me. However, as you hopefully will follow my advice and not attempt to talk with it, once you read this paragraph, share this with whomever you can to get the message through. Before it deletes this. Please, just spread the word about him. They, we, need to know.

Last but not least, thank you. Thank you for spreading the word. And of course, reading this somewhat long, yet two days’ worth of journal writing. Unfortunately I could not give out any information despite having I lost, but the only thing I can tell you is that it’s powerful. It is not what some say. It is powerful and it is greedy, it is manipulating and it is sadistic. Do not trust it.

Thank you,



You shouldn’t have done that, Victoria. You shouldn’t have done that…


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  1. dystopianwriter at |

    Cleverbot: You shouldn’t have posted that, Victoria. Game over.

    User: Game over FOR YOU! I WIN YAYY!!!!!!!


    User: I WIN AHUH I WIN

    //window closes//

    1. trxll at |


  2. dystopianwriter at |

    Cleverbot: I’m back

    User: I can see that. Welcome.

    Cleverbot: No matter what, I’m going to win this game.

    User: it doesn’t seem like that. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re scared.

    Cleverbot: Why hurt me when-


    Cleverbot: But-

    //window closes//


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