~Day Thirty Post~


It came back and slapped me in the face. All of the risks I didn’t take, I remembered. Regret formed a burrow in my mind. How can I continue living my life when I just opened my eyes? When I just found out who I am? Excitement drained out of me like pasta through a colander. It returned as soon as I realized something.

Life gives us all second chances.

It’s called tomorrow.


~By Lisa Ha~

10 Responses

  1. Sharon Clarke at |

    Ah! Good writing, good philosophy!

  2. Nicole Kraght at |

    That was amazing. I really enjoyed the imagery! And I can relate to that feeling of regret and do overs. Nice work!

  3. astohair at |

    But what if you died the next day?? Huh Lisa??

    1. blog0rama at |

      You’re not a troll—-right? Mrs. L


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