Silhouettes Part Two

~Day Twenty-One Post~


“Why did you bring me here?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I thought you might have wanted to see how you came to existence.”

I nod. We listen to the vacancy of noise in the air after my mother had delivered me. My mother’s screams had silenced the forest animals but not for long. Soon, another scream replaced hers. Mine.

“Let’s get closer,” he says.

We walk closer to the cabin. Peeking into the window, we see my mother holding me. It’s so hard to imagine myself that little. How did I grow up so fast?

“She is born in February,” my father states. “She’s an Aquarius just like you.”

“Yes, our little baby is,” my mother agrees. “I wonder if she will be rebellious and independent like a true Aquarius woman.”

I smile to myself. Yes, I am. Yes, I am, Mother.


~By Lisa Ha~

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