A Typical “Day”

~Day Sixteen Post~


  • Waking up with drool stuck to my face, I attempt to leave the safe haven of my bed. I am unsuccessful.
  • Second attempt. Unsuccessful.
  • I do not even bother with my third attempt. Being what I am makes it extremely difficult to wake up at this hour.
  • Several hours pass.
  • It is almost midnight. I sit up quickly and rush to get out of this bed. Now is the correct time to wake up.
  • I skip brushing my teeth and head right to breakfast. Exiting the house, I embrace the darkness.
  • Senses heightened, I chase after prey.
  • After I finish drinking its blood– but not killing it– I get ready.
  • I run to the cemetery.
  • I am ready to begin my vampire lessons.


~By Lisa Ha~

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