Stupid Joke

~Day Twelve Post~


“Stupid joke!” I exclaimed. These words always made me laugh because of what came after it. Also, that I always found cheesy jokes hilarious.

A swirl of glitter rained on me, soaking me with sparkly sand. Laughing with my mouth wide open, I swallowed up some of the glimmering dust and began choking. I had made another mistake in this spell-casting business. This spell was supposed to produce edible, delectable glitter. It wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t taught to manipulate magic efficiently and effectively.

I choke and chuckle to myself as I think back a few years ago on the day I found out.



Sluggishly, I crawl out of the warm and comfy blankets that surround my safe haven. I glance at the clock to regret staying up so late the night before. 6:50A.M. If I do not hustle up and get my butt over to the bus stop before 7:00A.M., then I would receive lunch detention or after school detention for the third time this week.

I get ready like how my brother did: by simultaneously doing everything. Brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant, and throwing on clothes. I skip breakfast at home in fear of being late to the bus.

Tripping over my feet, I sprint out the door. When I arrive at the bus stop, I realize I forgot my backpack. I turned around and bumped into someone’s hard chest.

“Oww,” I groan, rubbing my forehead. When I see his face, my jaw lowered so far down that he reached out his hand to push up my chin. My face grew hot and red when he made contact. I think there was a spark. Literally, his fingers were shooting out tiny blue flames.

“Ahh!” I jump away from this magician.

“What?” he asked, looking annoyed. “Oh. I thought you already know that happens when ghosts touch each other.”

I shoot him a bewildered glance. “This dude is crazy,” I murmur. I take a step away from him and step past him.

“Stupid joke!” The insane guy exclaimed randomly.

I shake my head and continue walking back to my house. The only problem? It was raining glitter and I could not cease laughing for some strange reason. When the glitter entered my mouth, explosions of sweetness made me crave for more.

Then I heard laughing. Someone doubling over laughing. The sparkle shower had stopped, leaving my mouth with the leftover delicious taste. I turned around to see the smug, crazy guy.

“Wh-What just happened?” I inquire, dazed and confused.

“A little someone,” he emphasizes. “Didn’t believe me and I cast a temporary illusion spell on you. I’m a ghost, you’re a ghost. We’re both dead and that is why we can see each other.”

“I can’t be dead,” I state.

He raised his eyebrows. “Ghosts can do magic. And we’re ghosts.”


~By Lisa Ha~

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