The Immortal Woman

~Day Nine Post~


Once there was a small village. There lived an immortal woman who could change her appearance. Her usual face was of a twelve-year-old’s. Long, lush hair the color of tree bark showered past her back and sparkling, youthful eyes the color of the sky brightened every room it entered. Being over a thousand years old, this girl did not look a day over thirteen.

One day, a harsh rumor spread among the villagers. A rumor that the oldest man there, who was seventy, was not at all qualified to drive a car or to apply for a job. A retirement home, which coincidently looked like a prison, was built for the old man.

The immortal girl was furious. She wondered why the younger villagers would stereotype the man’s abilities based on his age. She decided to take action.

On the day of the mini Olympic Games in the village, she changed to her true appearance: a 2000-year-old woman. She entered the competition and fought hard to win. Never did she sneak a glance at the crowd.

Because she knew she had just disproved ageism’s rationality.


~By Lisa Ha~

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