Day 11


Okay so Discuss current relationship I don’t have one I’m a single pringle, not that I haven’t had any offers, but because of these 4 good reasons I will not be dating until I turn 20-ish.

  1. I have a crazy Asian mother and she didn’t even li sat my 16 year old sister stay a night at a friends house for one night, because her friend has 2 older brother  and one was also 16 teen, but in that case my sister was stupid she should have said her friend has a 4 year old brother and a 10 year old.
  2. Drama is one thing I can’t stand at all it pisses me off
  3. I intend on going to college without one of those sad moments about him going to one school 10 hours away from mine and me going to another school.
  4. This is middle school we are too young for dating, because dating involves feelings and our feeling our not 100% developed.

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