Day 1

By the way Mrs. L this is not true!

So you guys want to know my first kiss while you can’t handle it so stop reading, but  that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop writing anyway the day smelt like cedar he takes off his jacket as usually he doesn’t have his shirt on, the rest of the guild keeps telling him he’s going to get a cold, but he always says I’m a fire dragon slayer, I’m always hot, even the 1st master says that it is possible. “Thank you, even thought I wasn’t really cold.” “Oh come on Lu, you can get closer it is a lot colder during the night.” I move a little closer, not to much. “What’s wrong Lucy way do you look so said? I know something’s wrong with you, you been quiet and you are always running your mouth.” I had to tell him “I’m worried about the guild, what will happens if we don’t return, there will be no more fairy tail and that guild is the only thing I have left beside my spirits, I don’t want to lose the guild because I’m too … weak.” “STOP that’s enough, you can be sad about the guild, but I will not let you blame yourself. We are a guild, we fight together we are one, our hearts beat as one.” Natsu put his hand to were my heart would be, his hand was so warm, then he take his other hand and says “We are one, the princess and the dragon” and bam we had our first Nalu kiss. Things are working out for me mom here at fairy tail I wish you could see how great my guild is.

Take care mom, love you,


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