He’s come for her

                                                                Chapter 1

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The promise land


Soon love dies and life as we know it goes with it, and all we have left to keep us warm at night is knowing our place in the promise land. My mom is in hers right now, which means No hope, No friends, No feelings and No more of my mom. Mom died when I was 12 so ever since it has been me and my abuela because my dad walked away at a gas station and never came back mom said “he died and she didn’t see it” but abuela told me the truth a week later.

… Later that year…


I was sitting on a park bench this morning waiting for the other girls to come out and hoping I can make a friend. Mattie the girl from across the street sat down beside me I don’t always hang out with her I just don’t trust her. “How are you kid?” She calls everyone a kid when she is the youngest 7th grader in our school. “I’m fine” I say trying to keep the conversation short. “So you going to the spring concert at our school Monday night I hear you have to bring a date.” Sometimes I don’t know if this girl is trying to be my friend or trying to embarrass me. “No…….maybe……yes………I don’t know yet.” I felt uncomfortable when Mattie asked that question I was curious to know if she was going to tell the whole school what I tell this chick! “So if was going to tell the whole school what I tell this chick! “So if you do go who are you going to ask, is it Brain huh….huh…….huh is it Brain?” I knew then this was a mouse trap and I was the fat mouse thinking some evil person is trying to give me cheese. “No and for your information Brain Kingman is the biggest jerk in that school full of jerks” and I stormed off to my house.


Soon as I got home my abuela looked in my eyes and saw all of my anger. “What’s wrong hija” (hija is daughter in Spanish ever since mom died abuela calls me that), my abuela longed for the story. I told her everything, but that I really wanted to go with Brain to the dance.

The next day at school there was a note on my locker that read:     I know who you like “Mrs. Kingman want to be” stay away from Brain or else Mr. Kingman will know about your “marriage” and if I were you watch who you trust



The real soon to be Mrs. Kingman


It was time for revenge on Mattie because she was the only one who asked me about Brain. I walked 5 blocks to the park on west shop and sitting on the same bench as yesterday was little miss tell my business. As abuela always says killing with kindness is the first step of revenge and abuela was never wrong. I walked up to Mattie with the happiest smile on my face. “So Mattie about what you were saying about that prom thing who are…” “I know what you’re trying to do Emily Martinez. You think I put that note on your locker and you can’t prove a thing”.

She interrupted, she said my name like it was a bad word or like it wasn’t mine. “What are you talking about bestie?” I was never a good liar not even when mom was alive. “ Look Mrs. Kingman I don’t care who you like just stay away from Brain or else we both lose”. This was the first time I actually believed her. Suddenly Mattie’s older twin by an hour (Massey)   shows up. Mattie follows her with a depress look on her face. As they were waiting for the light to change I heard Massey say “why are you still hanging out with that loser we have everything we needed”. “Don’t talk about my friends like that” Mattie replied. Maybe she so bad. The next day at school I was looking for Mattie at school, so we can talk, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I remember that most of the time Mattie missed school she would end up going to the park, so after school I walked 3 blocks to West Shop Park, she still wasn’t there, so I decided to that after a long time of waiting that I would just go home, but this time I toke a shortcut home, past the woods I heard a lot of strange noise, that can’t come from animals it was people, people talking. I cut the corner by two big trees, and there they were, it was Hattie, Mattie and Jake they were vandalizing my neighborhood Mattie started to cry I had a choice I could tell on everyone or just Hattie and Jake. “Mattie can we talk for a second without Emily and Jake” Hattie said. “No I said I deserve an expiation a real one Hattie” I said with confidents. “ You don’t deserve anything from me Emil…” suddenly Mattie  stopped her.


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