Curious George >.

~~~~~~~~~Day 25~~~~~~~~~~

As I walk to my next class, I see the way them walking “so slow” I say hoping they hear me and start walking faster. Rose the one beside me saying “Oh, you’re so rude.” Yes, I am rude, the way society is though, makes me the way I am. There are too many rude people in the world. Guess I am one of them.

“Although”, she says “truly I think you are thoughtful. Many may not see it but you are one with a pure heart that simply wishes— I cut her off after seeing the slight shimmer in the science room. “Hey, let’s go there” I ask, more like I demand. “But we have to hurry to class.” I ignoring what she says I run up to the window and see no one inside. “Hey, let’s go, I don’t want you to get late in class.” I reply before she had really gotten late. Guess it was just my imagination.

Sitting in class, and bored I say in my mind. I look at the time then at the window. Just then I saw it, it was there again. That shimmer. I HAD to get out there no matter the situation, I raise my hand “teacher, can I go to the bathroom?” “I don’t know can you?” She replies back. I put my hand down and came up with a plan.

A pencil? No it had to be something, something that a student wouldn’t throw. I picked up a rock that luckily had gotten into my shoe during P.E. and threw it at the fire alarm. Every class had one, but no one dared to hit it. Except me.

It went off alarming everyone, obviously. Most of the kids panicked because it wasn’t planned, the teachers trying to calm the kids down, took them outside. After we had all gotten outside I ran to the shimmer. “HEY!” I heard behind me. The person started again “YOU WITH THE BROWN HAIR” I knew that was no other than me. Scared I ran faster. I was so close I could feel it. Then I saw it again. It was so close, I touched it and it disappeared.


AHAHAHAH, I’m so mean because that ending though. I know there are no weird traits however, I couldn’t think of any weird traits. So you’re going to have to deal with this.


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  1. Sharon Clarke at |

    I love the idea of the mysterious shimmer! Now, whenever I give a student a bathroom pass, I will wonder…


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