The “Transportation System”

~Day Thirteen Post~


“Wake up!” My mom tried to shake me awake. “You only have three more minutes to get ready to go to school by the-the erm… transportation system.”

Heh, “transportation system.” Mother doesn’t approve my way of getting to school. She is “it is too unconventional” and not to mention the daily “it’s too inconvenient.” I think it is much faster and more efficient than enduring the slow traffic.

“Fine, fine,” I fend off my mother’s nagging. “I’m up; I’m up.”

I hastily get ready by simultaneously brushing my teeth and throwing clothes on. When I finish, I pass by Mother’s disapproving glare in the kitchen and head to the basement.

I unlatch the trap door and turn on the lights in the basement. The smell of old books fill up my nostrils. I walk over to one of the bookshelves and pull a red one out. The shelves open up a secret passage. I arrive at school in two seconds.

I am standing in a bathroom stall and wondering why I insist using the smelly sewer system to get to school.


~By Lisa Ha~

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