~~~~~~~~~Day 19~~~~~~~~~

I wake up in the darkness, in my darkness. Hearing “you’re not good enough.” Knowing that “you’re invisible.” And as I walk in search of a light I feel crawling at my feet, alarmed I quickly run and find the light. I turn it on to find the most disgusting creatures at my feet. Picking one up I hear a voice behind me say “you should do it, no one will know. Because remember the invisible one?” I look behind me and see no one, except my mother at the back of my jail cell. My mother saying “you should have been like your brother, you should have been born smart. Then you would have known not to–“SHUT UP” I say cutting her off completely “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT” I yell. Knowing I probably messed up so bad, that I am locked up. In my own prison. When I was about to give up hope I hear around me, “you’re not alone, I’m here aren’t I? You may not be as smart as your brother, but you know who you are, right? I wake up again, now in the real world. Now that I know everything will be okay.



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