~~~~~~~~~~Day 16~~~~~~~~

I’m assuming this is what you meant by “bullet your day” so yeah. However it’s not a poem, haiku, vignette or drabble soooo yeahhhh


(April 16)

10 a.m

*I wake up

*I brush my teeth

*Wash my face

*Eat breakfast

*Watch TV

11 am

*Helped mom with collage English homework

12 pm

*Posted on Instagram

*Texted friend

*Spent time scrolling through Instagram

*Creates a new idea for a future book

1 pm

*Stalling to fold clothes

*Ate two Choco pies (they were delicious, *licks lips in front of you*)

*Watched LDShadowlady on Youtube

*Watched JKNEWS on Youtube

*Watched JKPARTY on Youtube

*Drank one can of Arizona Tea (green iced tea, if you were wondering)


*StIlL StAlLiNG To FoLD cLOtheS

*Cooking food with Mom & Dad


*Went to go buy gift for friend that has the same birthday as me

*Came home

*StILl StAlLinG To FolD cLOTHes


*Put the clean dishes away

*Watched a couple episodes of Nagi No Asukara (A Lull in the Sea)

*Planned for my Brother’s birthday (which is tomorrow btw, I’m planning a surprise for his 16th birthday, shhhh)


*ate food


*started to type a book


(April 17)


*executed my surprise plan for my Brother.

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