~Day Two Post~


“Where are we?”

I am nervously shifting my feet and glancing at him. I am new to traveling backwards in time unlike him, who had much more experience. The scenery above us is beyond description. The ocean-colored sky at begun to turn into more fiery hues of red and orange. The silhouette of flying birds makes this sunset complete. But most of all, it’s his arm around my waist that makes me feel safe.

“Don’t you mean,” he gave a cocky, know-it-all smirk. “When are we?”

Blushing from my mistake, I nod. I knew very well that we were standing on the border of the town I grew up in. It is nearly impossible not to give in to the tears that demand to consume me.

“So when are we?”  I hiccup on my question. “Why did you bring me here?”

He doesn’t say anything for the longest moment. We both continued to stare at my hometown, a painting of modest beauty. Cherry blossoms float in the same wind that blows into my face. Majestic, tall trees outnumber the people in this rural place.

Finally, he softly whispers. “See that house?”

I follow his gaze. A small cabin stands surrounded by vegetation that is hard to recognize due to the dim light. A candle’s light makes the cabin just a little bit less dark. I approach the cabin and he follows in my silent footsteps. As I get closer, I spot two silhouettes: one of a woman and one of a man.

“Who are they?” I murmur.

Abruptly, screams cut through the silence of the forest like scissors through paper.  I jump backwards in fear and hope for it to end. They don’t dissipate for what seems like eternities.

Like a duet, after the screeches faded into the night, new screams replaced it.

And I realize this was the earliest memory I couldn’t remember.

My birth.


~By Lisa Ha~

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