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  1. DonutMaker at |

    Five Problems w/ Social Media…
    Social media has changed us over time. Especially my generation. We are so caught up with taking good pictures, having that right amount of likes and comments, we are not focusing on out education. We tend to be focusing on our screens then our family members. Its a distraction to school. We are not playing outside like we used to before..

  2. DonutMaker at |

    My Earliest memory.
    I was about 1-2 years old, I was at my grandmas house and I didn’t;t know how to go down the stairs. The door was open down the basement and I started running to the stairs. I was rolling down and screaming. When we went to the hospital, I was running al over the place. The doctor was like “Are you sure she got injured?

  3. monstermushmush at |

    5 problems with social media:
    1. You can have embarrassing things posted
    2. You get too caught up with social media that you forget about school
    3. People don’t care about your posts
    4. You can’t get rid of what’s online
    5. There can be extra drama with talking online

  4. Allison M.-P. at |

    5 Problems with Social Media:
    1) Social media creates excessive drama. Comments or posts can easily be taken the wrong way and offend someone, the person on the other side of the screen can’t see your face or actions you do while you are saying this, maybe a “that’s stupid” was meant to be taken in a teasing way, instead of a actual serious way.
    2) Nothing can truly be “deleted” from social media, if you post something embarrassing and then deleted it, no one can promise you people didn’t already see it.
    3) People get so caught up on likes and comments, they get extracted from the outside world.
    4) Instead of actually going out and being with friends, your just on your phone talking or texting to them, while you could be out in a store or park with them.
    5) People are creepy, they may say they are your age (12-14) but they could actually be a 30-45 year old looking through your photos, you can never be too safe on the internet.

  5. DonutMaker at |

    My First Love: I’m not allowed to date, nor “love someone.” but I do have a TV crush. His name is James Reid. He is in a famous Filipino show called “on the wings of love”

  6. DonutMaker at |

    1. I am a hip hop dancer
    2. I auditioned for Macklemore’s music video ( I didn’t get in )
    3. I play sports. Volleyball, basketball, track
    4. I tend to get OCD when I see a missing assignment or a F,D on skyward
    5. I am organized and get overwhelmed is I am not
    6. I am Filipino!
    7. I am a scary cat even though its not true
    8. I am shy (it may look like im not, but I really am)
    9. I have a soft voice
    10. yes I play video games.. lol surprise!

  7. DonutMaker at |

    I would live in Hawaii.
    I feel like Hawaii is a calm clean place, I’ve seen a lot of montages of Hawaii and it makes me think about living there on day. It is one of those goals in life…


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